Newton Abbot Photographic Club was established over seventy years ago and currently has 59 members from Newton Abbot and the surrounding area of South Devon.

We are keen to welcome new members, whether you are an experienced photographer or a complete beginner.

Join us for photography, fun, and fellowship, while we learn to make the best pictures we can. You are welcome to attend two meetings as a guest before deciding to join.

If you would like to know more about us please click on the Contact Us link on the web site menu.

2019-2020 Season 

WEEKLY MEETINGS ARE HELD ON TUESDAYS, come along from 7:00PM to socialise before the meeting starts AT 7:30PM AT THE COURTENAY CENTRE, KINGSTEIGNTON ROAD, NEWTON ABBOT from early September through to the end of April.


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The Newton Abbot Photographic Club is a place, for novice and advanced photographers alike, to share the joys of photography.  Our programme contains a wide range of activities, with guest speakers of national status, instructional and image sharing opportunities, plus internal and inter-club competitions.  Members show their photos in both print and digitally projected image formats. 

Members Slideshow.

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We are well known, in regional and national photographic circles, for our wide range of photographic styles, encompassing traditional record, wildlife and landscape images, plus artistic portrait, people and situation photography. 

We also have expertise in creative pictures, under the heading of “altered reality”.  This broad capability has resulted in many successes in both national and international competitions and Salons.

Specialist interest groups also meet to study techniques in depth, including computer processing and Audio-Visual, plus numerous evening and weekend outings, with tips from experienced photographers on hand.


PhotoClub Scorer

The IOS and Android apps we use to score images in many competitions.

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