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Annual Awards Evening – 2023/24

The scores are in, the meal’s been eaten and the awards have been presented. CLICK HERE to read on.

Image of the Year 2023/24

Image of the Year 2023/24

As the NAPC season rapidly approaches its end (our last meeting is a social get-together on 7th May), our members’ thoughts turn towards – arguably – one of the most coveted of competitions: Image of the Year. Click anywhere on the above image panel to see the full story and to view the winning entries.

Master Photographer 2023/24

Four themes, four images, only one winner: gosh, the tension is tangible!

Click HERE for the full story and results.


Posted 27/03/2024 – Kevin Bennett

Competition Results - 2023/24 – ROUND 5 - PDI

On Tuesday 27th February 2024 Round 5 Entries to our internal competition were judged by the very able Wendy Allard of Camborne & Redruth Camera Club


The full list of winners is as follows:

GOLD – The Bibliophile – Karin Brooks

GOLD – Haldon forest – Gordon Aspland

GOLD – Coot Chicks – Christina Burton

GOLD – Country Life – Peter Brooks

GOLD – Rivers of the Canyon – Alan Boothman

SILVER – Beautiful Robin – Maria Selley

SILVER – Mandrill Colour – Maria Selley

SILVER – Teignmouth – Gordon Aspland

SILVER – Yokohama – Peter Browning

SILVER – Abandoned in Kolmanskop, Namibia – Chris Marsham

SILVER – Time for a scratch – Karin Brooks

Bronze – Parrot Fish Colour – Maria Selley

Bronze – Not Sharing – Roy Allwood

Bronze – Looking for Lisa – Peter Browning

Bronze – Forest Colour – Chris Parker

Commended – Bluebells at Holwell Lawn – Christina Burton

Commended – Bee on Flower – David Geeves

Commended – Successful Fishing – Kirsty Peake

Commended – Amaryllis in a Vase – Graham Dunn

Commended – Right Leg Forward – Kirsty Peake

CLICK HERE for image gallery

A Picture of Success - Pop-Up Photographic Exhibition

The 6th February 2024 saw NAPC’s first ever Pop-Up Exhibition, in conjunction with three local schools. READ ALL ABOUT IT HERE

Competition Results – 2023/24 – ROUND 4 – PRINTS

GOLD Thumbs

Tuesday 23 January 2024 witnessed the judging of Round 4 of our internal competitions. Judge Anna Stevenson (Plymouth Camera Club) carefully pored over the 40 prints and gave in depth commentary on each. The full list of awards is as follows –

  • GOLD – Steam Haulage – Roy Allwood
  • GOLD – Kassia – Karin Brooks
  • GOLD – Dawlish Warren – Gordon Aspland
  • SILVER – The View: Antarctic Peninsula – Chris Marsham
  • SILVER – Preserved in Death – Chris Marsham
  • SILVER – Dartmoor Stream – Chris Parker
  • BRONZE – Gothic Temple: Stowe – Peter Brooks
  • BRONZE – Lily – Graham Dunn
  • BRONZE – Terns in Flight – Gordon Aspland
  • BRONZE – A Spider’s Work is Never Done – Graham Dunn
  • COMMENDED – Chesterton Windmill (Ruin) – Peter Brooks
  • COMMENDED – Arc with Rectangles – David Wain
  • COMMENDED – Unstoppable – Roy Allwood
  • COMMENDED – Feather – Graham Dunn

Congratulations to the winners, and massive thanks to all who entered prints: the standard was high. For the full awards gallery, click the image above, or click HERE.

Posted by Kevin 24 January 2024

New Website

You may have noticed that the look of this website is different to how it was a week-and-a-half ago, before it disappeared from view. That’s because this is a totally new site with a new design; it’s even hosted elsewhere. Hopefully it is also more secure than our previous site, and impervious to hackers.

For those whose virus checkers stopped them accessing our website up to Friday 12th January 2024, this is what happened.

We were hacked.

We’re not important, not special and have no sway over world events, but the hackers got to us. First this manifested itself as a redirection to dodgy footwear shop with a .ru web address. If you searched on Google you would have found the hit for NAPC, but on clicking it you’d be taken to this footwear site (it may have advertised other stuff as well, but I didn’t hang around to find out.

A few days later, the redirect was more sinister, with the url of our site taking you to some hardcore content about which I shall say no more.

I have no idea for how long our site was hacked – it started misbehaving before I took it over, but there’s no real way of knowing. For that reason, using one of the back-ups was not feasible – the bug could still have been there. I had no option but to remove the site completely. So bad was the hack that I couldn’t even get into the admin pages to save any content, so our archive of images has gone. Oh well, out with the old …

If you were unlucky enough to have seen any of the spurious website content described above, I recommend that you run a virus checker on your devices. I can only apologise on behalf of our hackers!

Posted by Kevin – 15 January 2024